KUKLA has the best Newcomer Homepage 2016!

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KUKLA ögv: Zech, Baierl, Stefanie

Together with Daniel Zech, Head of SevenVentures Austria, we´ll be
interviewed by Sandra Baierl from KURIER

...PLUS: touch and feel all the KUKLA products & get the discountcode for your >KUKLA<

When: Tuesday, 31st of May 2016, starting at 18:45
Where: Palais Eschenbach - Eschenbachgasse 11, 1010 Wien
Register here, it´s for free. 

KURIER-Journalist Sandra Baierl talks with us about what happened after the show...
...about tipps and tricks for a successful casting show participation.
You´ll get startup-insights and input from the Austrian TV-media investor.

Event hosted by #ÖsterreichischerGewerbeverein #ÖGV

KUKLA lebabypop maternity

Babyhopp by Babypop

Lotta, 23 years old, lives in Vienna and is the lovely mummy of Oskar and Coco-Lou.
See how she uses the maternity effect of >KUKLA< on her wonderful le babypop blogpost.

Thank you Lotta for the pretty pics and the how-to-wrap video!

KUKLA beste Newcomer Homepage

Yes!! Best Homepage! 
We won the price of the best newcomer fashion retail homepage 2016 :-)
Many thanks to the jury and to Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
for the great contest and the financial support!
Check the APA-OTS press release about the event and the award winners. 
Atelier Karasinski, a Vienna based design agency, is our unique mind behind the website.
dream job fashion

Catch the current WOMAN - "Österreichs größtes Frauenmagazin" - portraying 9 power-women from fashion business and read our article on page 90! 

Pic by Sonja from fashiontweed
KUKLA Justambitious Blog
Thinking about what to pack for an extended weekend holiday?
totally clear - one >KUKLA< - every day another look :-)
pic by Justambitiousblog