KUKLA is close to Hollywood ;-)

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KUKLA 2Min2Mio Jury und Stefanie

KUKLA 2Min2Mio behind the scene KUKLA 2Min2Mio behind the scene Stefanie

2Min2Mio LogoKUKLA 2Min2Mio girls

We are totally thrilled to announce, that >KUKLA< is part of the puls4 show
"2 Minuten 2 Millionen", where startups pitch their business ideas. Will one of the five Business Angels invest? Watch out: The show is broadcasted every Tuesday at 20:15.
So stay tuned, March will be hot! 
Thanks to our lovely topmodels Kathrin & Martina!
#2min2mio on #puls4 - pics by ©Bernhard Eder 

KUKLA Magdalena Kapstadt

madamekukla got great support
Say hello to the new member of the >KUKLA< family: Magdalena Auer, Head of Solutions!
"I always wanted to work in a company, where I can realize my thoughts. >KUKLA< stands for something new, has a unique character and I love to build up that rising label."
Magdalena studies at the University of Vienna, a creative mind, loves traveling and exploring.
She is open for all your input and feedback about #madamekukla, so don't hesitate and get in contact with her: magdalena@madamekukla.com.

KUKLA Weltfrauentag Afrika        KUKLA Weltfrauentag Afrika girls

8th of March: world womens day
Let's encourage, inspire and appreciate all the amazing girls and women around us! Raising the self-esteem especially of the youngest, that's our personal aim! These pics were taken at Stonetown (Zanzibar) by a strong and courageous woman: Martina Ressmüller, working in Africa for more than two years now - many thanks!

KUKLA lesfactoryfemmes  KUKLA lesfactoryfemmes1

très chic
Les factory femmes know how to impress: Laura and Deea, two gorgeous ladies living in Vienna and loving style, design and fashion were blogging about us.
Catch their 6 ways to wear >KUKLA<