KUKLAs first three months online!

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>KUKLA< video pic black/salt-pepper

It's a wrap dress for women with a bazillion ways to wear, yeah! >KUKLA< stands for hands-on women, who love to create their lives – and their own #madamekukla styles. In December 2015 the new label was launched. Hand selected garments, made in Europe with love.

>KUKLA< video

feeling amazed: Our video reached more than 20.000 people and more than 8.000 requests! 

Haven't seen it yet? Click the pic and like it ;-) 

Thank you, lovely Laura Karasinski, for your great effort & many thanks to our great models: LizStefanieLeni and 72 years old Dorothea, who impressed us deeply with her never-ending energy! Many thanks also to Dariush, our Makeup-Artist and Daniel, who produced the video!

>KUKLA< fashiontweed blogpost coat              >KUKLA< fashiontweed blogpost cape

>KUKLA< fashiontweed blogpost top            >KUKLA< fashiontweed blogpost dress

first blogpost: Pretty Sonja shows us how she wears our first collection. Get inspired and watch her fantastic #madamekukla styles on http://www.fashiontweed.com/2015/12/how-to-wrap-madame-kukla.html.

>KUKLA< video girls       >KUKLA< Vöslauer blog

>KUKLA< olive and black        >KUKLA< grey and blue

early bird: Vöslauer fashionista Maria Ratzinger blogged about >KUKLA< - catch the whole story here: http://www.voeslauer.com/_blog/?p=5473 and on Facebook

>KUKLA< sporty Kathrin >KUKLA< sporty Kathrin pose>KUKLA< sporty Kathrin peace

>KUKLA< sporty Kathrin chill

sporty spice: Many beautiful madamekuklas told us, that >KUKLA< is perfect for sports activities! The fit girls Kathrin and Andrea love the cozy & wrappy items to supplement their outfits.

>KUKLA< yoga pose     >KUKLA< yoga pose 1

As you can see, it's a garment, that adapts to the various needs of everyday life!