KUKLA sunny side up

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the yellow autumn KUKLA arrived!
and we are celebrating summer finale
with 30% off
KUKLA gelb/grau Herbst
DIRTY 3o (%)

we are welcoming the new collection with
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and celebrating the summer finale with

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KUKLA Box Lisney
Hurry up, get your perfect outfit and be well prepared for a sunny autumn!
KUKLA thefruitysky rückenfrei
>KUKLA< takes off...

Blogger and jetset-stewardess Andi takes KUKLA around the globe :-) With her long version of the linen-KUKLA she is perfectly dressed and wrapped for hot summer days...and of course for all her trips around the world.
Safe flights, dear Andi and thank you so much for your great blogpost! :-) 
pics by Maximilian Salzer
KUKLA thefruitysky WU  
KUKLA thefruitysky WU Campus
KUKLA Campari Leinen
Bittersweet competition
Campari raffles 3 of our linen KUKLAs!
Great isn't it? So take the chance, participate and win your fresh KUKLA plus one tray Campari Soda.

Click this link take part, good luck & cheers :-)

Photographer: Tsvetkov Photography / Model: Sophie Totzauer
KUKLA Leinen Lisney
Lovely Lisney explores Croatia
She is 17 years young, a Sri Lankan artist and photographer visiting a National Park in Croatia. She packed her short linen KUKLA as travel companion and enjoyed crystal-clear waterfalls, lakes & of course wearing KUKLA every day in a different style :-)  
KUKLA Lisney Kroatien