KUKLA-Dirndl with one dark grey clip and sash included

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About this product:

The KUKLA-Dirndl is the first variable Dirndl and it has the same cut as all the other KUKLAs. 


You can wear this product as a dress, vest, poncho, scarf, skirt and you can show a traditional look, but also an elegant one. #makeityours

By the way, this KUKLA also has an asymmetric style and is one-size. 

This product comes with a "Schärpe", so you can tie it as a stitch. 

You can also buy a KUKLA-clutch in the same material. If you are interested in our matching clutch for additional 40EUR  just send us an email to "hello@madamekukla.com"

Here you can buy lovely petticoats, that fit to the Dirndl:

white: http://amzn.to/2uoVxxo

black: http://amzn.to/2vQK9Il 

Happy #dirndling!

All our KUKLAs are:

  • asymmetric
  • one-size (EU size 36 - 42)
  • double-face 
  • washable with 30 degrees 
  • sewed by hand in Vienna 

and the KUKLA consists of 51% cotton and 49% of microfaser

We are always happy about customer feedback, as for example:

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