Mini-KUKLA sunny side up with one dark grey clip included

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About this product:
Juhu, we finally have a mini version of KUKLA for your mini-me! (:
Starting from the 5th month of your baby (till the 4th bday), KUKLA fits perfectly to your mini-madame. 
With the code minikukla you can order KUKLA for you and for your kid as well. 
KUKLA (any you want) plus Mini-KUKLA with a clip (each) for total 165€
single choice: 
Mini-KUKLA sunny side up with one grey clip for 56€
Fabric Mini-KUKLA: 100% Italian cotton 
Dribbled? No problem for KUKLA, change the side and rock on! ;) 

All our Mini-KUKLAs are:

  • asymmetric
  • one-size (0.5 - 4 years)
  • double-face 
  • washable with 30 degrees 
  • sewed by hand in Vienna 


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