Company Name: KUKLA Lifestyle GmbH
VAT Number: ATU71219825
TAX Number: 03 466/9549
Commercial Register Nr.: 455820z
Customer Care: +43 660 705 1 613
Address: Millergasse 42-44/3/12
1060 Vienna
  1. What does >KUKLA< mean?

Beside the fact that >KUKLA< is my family name, >KUKLA< means doll or puppet in russian, greek, polish and bulgarian language, which I find really very funny. My dearest Laura Karasinski, who has polish roots, reinforced me, to make >KUKLA< the labels name. Thank you for that Laura!

  1. What about the sizes? / It’s all one size – but why?

I spent about 10 months to find the right fabrics for you. Generally it´s possible to have just one size because of the density and elasticity of the fabrics. Only a few fabrics are elastic and stiff at the same time, so that they can be modelled the way you want them.

The positive thing about the one size-strategy: If you give it as a gift to the women around you, you can´t buy the wrong size. 

  1. Why is >KUKLA< the perfect present that guys can give a gift to all the women around?

That´s easy, you are safe: it´s a one size product, so you can´t buy a wrong size. And one more reason: it´s more than just ONE clothing item, cause there are thousand ways to wrap >KUKLA<. 

  1. What about the strange positioning of the care tag?

Due to the wonderful fact, that all >KUKLA< are double face and can be worn on both sides, the care tag is always nasty. So we added it with a very wide seam, so that – in case you decide to finally take it - the tag can be removed by just pulling out the thread. Ready, steady, go! Have fun with the wonderful new world that wraps up. 

  1. How much does the wrap dress cost?

All >KUKLA< are one size and one price :-) For 140 EUR you get one >KUKLA< and one clip. The clip is – as you can see on the coat hook pics - preselected for you. You want an extra clip? Just add it to your shopping bag for additionally 15,50 EUR.

  1. How much is an extra clip?

So just to remind you: there is always one clip included, if you buy a >KUKLA<. If you want an additional clip, it´s 15,50 EUR.

  1. How can I pay?

You can pay in Advance, via paypal, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club) or Direct Banking. None of these possibilities is fine for you? Please let me know, what I can do for you:

  1. What about delivery and return conditions for all countries within the European Union?

So generally: For an order from EUR 30 up the shipping to almost all countries of the European Union is included / for free. Please take care, that these countries are excluded.

Same for orders under 30 EUR, I hope you understand that you need to pay the shipping costs! But there is one solution for you: Just order two instead of one clip and I am going to pay the shipping, cause then the amount is 31EUR :-)

For now the return costs (so the fee the carrier in your country charges) need to be paid by you. As soon as I am rich and famous I will handle it like Zalando, promise.

  1. Are you from a country that is not listed here?

Wonderful, so please just get in touch with me ( and I will put everything in motion to forward you the shipping costs, so that >KUKLA< flies around the world to you! 

10. How do I return?

Every single returnsticker will be very sad if you use it, but still it will always be part of the package you receive. Please use the sticker with your adress and your Customer ID, so that we can refer your returned box with your order. Additionally we add two more branded stickers, which are useful for closing the box again. Like this the package will soon arrive in Vienna and your money will be asap at your disposal again.

11. What is the status of my order?

You will get a Message, as soon as the package leaves our logistic centre. You didn´t receive any email notification? Please just drop us a short email with your name and we will check:

12. How long does the shipping take?

Yes, I understand, the ordered product should arrive asap :-)

If your payment is confirmed till 11:59 a.m. :-), the package will be handed over to our post partner at the same business day and >KUKLA< is on its way.

All payment confirmations that arrive after 12:01 pm will leave our logistic centre the next business day.

It´s about 24-48 hours, that your KUKLA will be on it´s way to you.

13. How do I wash KUKLA?

    All the other, so the blue/brown, the black/salt pepper, the olive green/grey and the dark grey/light grey >KUKLA< will love you and stay the way you bought it, if you wash it with 30 degree, if you iron it at low temperature and if you keep it on the lowest level for tumbling – so the fabric stays as great as it is.

    14. Is there a newsletter?

      Juhuuuu for suuuure, please just sign here!

      15. Will there be more >KUKLA< products?

      Wohooo for sure! We have some more products on my mind! Every spring and every autumn we will launch new KUKLAs! Stay tuned and sign here.

      Do you have an idea or is there some color that you miss? Just give me your input.

      16. What can you tell me about the fabrics and the sewing process?

      I love Europe, so that´s why I just work with fabrics „made in Europe“.

      The fabrics of the first collection come from Italy and Portugal. Every single fabric is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

      They are sewed in lovely Vienna, directly on-site, so that we can quickly react on your feedback :-) I work closely with a company, that is known for customized solutions and wonderful handmade garments.

      17. Where are the clips produced?

        Again it´s Europe that I am committed to: The ribbons come from Belgium, the Clips and the adjuster are customized and prouduced by an Italian company.

        I found a very gorgeous manufacturing company in Lower Austria that is specialized in assembling suspender clips. I was very excited to delve deeper into a whole new world that opened up, getting to know the company and meeting the company´s chief.

               18. What about the measures? 

        The KUKLA's are bi-elastic and one-size. Some more facts: The armholes are 20*22cm, the distance between the two holes is 30cm and the whole KUKLA is 100*140cm. 

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