Videos, media coverage and blogposts 2017

Please just click through videos, styles and stories about the variable wrap dress.
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August 2017: NÖN article - KUKLA fully wrapped into fashion business
August 2017: Super-KUKLA-Dirndl-Model ;) thank you Abendzeitung München
August 2017: ready for Oktoberfest, thank you Brikada Magazine
August 2017: InStyle online
August 2017: Dirndl style, thank you Kärntner Monat
August 2017: KUKLA on TV "life after the show" 
KUKLA in der puls4-Sendung: Das Leben nach der Show
August 2017: KUKLA goes Germany
Fashion United article about KUKLA
May 2017: BIO-Business in the WOMAN magazine
May 2017: KUKLA as partner of Presse-EDITION 
April 2017: Sigrid Spörk with KUKLA at ServusTV
April 2017: KUKLA success story on TV
KUKLA im TV-puls4-Erfolgsstory
April 2017: Magazine "Kärntner Monat" writes about our shooting at lake Wörthersee
KUKLA-Kärntner Monat-Shooting
April 2017: Jasmin from Berlin has the perfect item for her world trip :-)
April 2017: Juliane Fischer from magazine "die Presse am Sonntag" wrote an amazing portrait

Presse am Sonntag Portrait von Juliane Fischer über KUKLA

April 2017: Kaja shows linen KUKLA as a top
Kaja-the Cosmopolitas-linen-KUKLA


April 2017: KUKLA is an Allounder - die Burgenländerin

"KUKLA ist ein Allround-Talent", so steht es in der Burgenländerin


March 2017: VIDEO - 7 days 7 looks with "Lisa von meine Version" #Stylechallenge

KUKLA style challenge mit Lisa von meine Version


February 2017: Nina Wrodnigg names KUKLA a spring carving, juhu :-)

Nina Wrodnigg von yourockmylife bezeichnet KUKLA rosé als must have für den Frühling


February 2017: Textilzeitung publishes an article about Kukla on the runway in England with NoFuchsGiven 



January 2017: Cooperation with the label of soccer-star Christian Fuchs - NoFuchsGiven




January 2017: Magdalena was interviewed by journalist Lukas Plank in New York

Lukas Plank Ö1 interviewt Magdalena Auer von Madamekukla in New York


January 2017: Mini-and-me loves wearing KUKLA as cape

Mini-and-me Blogpost mit KUKLA rosé altrosa beige


January 2017: "Kärntner Monat" article 

KTN Monat-Kukla-Magazin

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